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Help us expand access to high-quality charter schools in Virginia!


Why Do We Need Expanded Access to Public Charter Schools?

NEW! Virginia House and Senate Pass Charter School Expansion Bills

On February 7, the Virginia State Senate approved SB 1283 and the Virginia House of Delegates also approved their version of the charter school bill, HB 2342. Both bills would create regional public charter school divisions that could authorize public charter schools in areas of the state with struggling schools. Read more here.

Charter schools are unique public schools that are free and open to all students who wish to attend. They have more flexibility and autonomy to serve individual student needs in return for a commitment to meet higher standards of accountability.


Our neighbors have embraced charter schools:


  • Maryland has 50 charter schools
  • DC has 110
  • North Carolina has more than 150


Virginia has nine—only two of which have been started by outside groups of citizens rather than school districts.


Public charter schools can create an environment tailored to the needs of individual students while still being held accountable for student learning.


Public charter schools foster a partnership between parents, teachers, and students to create an environment where parents can be more involved, teachers are given the freedom to be innovative in their classrooms, and students are provided the structure they need to learn.


Public charter schools are free and open to all students who wish to attend including:

  • students with special needs,
  • bilingual students and
  • English language learners (ELL).

Results Driven

Public charter schools are free to implement new ways to improve student learning—ways that work for individual students and classrooms, not a whole system.

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