Useful Resources - Virginia Charter Schools
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Virginia’s Sensible Upgrades to its Charter School Law

Lexington Institute

By  Don Soifer

July 11, 2016

Charter Schools Would Better Serve Military Families

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

By Doug Mesecar and Don Soifer

May 16, 2016

Tip of the Spear Innovation

Newport News Daily Press

By Doug Mesecar

May 15, 2016

Previous Media 

Constitutional Amendment for Charter Schools Deserves Support

Charlottesville Tomorrow

By Bobbi Snow

February 12, 2016

Public Charter Schools: New Opportunity for Virginia Families

Richmond Times-Dispatch

By Don Soifer

February 11, 2016

Poll: Virginia Voters Overwhelmingly Want More Charter Schools

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

By Riya V. Anandwala

February 2, 2016

Why Virginia Needs Charter Schools

Norfolk Virginian-Pilot

By Christian Braunlich

January 24, 2016

General Assembly Measure Would Lift Charter Schools

News & Advance (Lynchburg, VA)

By Katrina Dix

January 23, 2016

Will Charter Schools Ever Get Off the Ground in Virginia

Richmond Times Dispatch

By A. Barton Hinkle

January 13, 2016

Virginia Falls Behind on Charters

Richmond Times-Dispatch

By Editorial

December 27, 2015

Should State – Not Just Local School Boards – Have Power to Approve Charter Schools

Newport News Daily Press

By Peter Dujardin

December 08, 2015

It’s Time for Virginia to Embrace Education Excellence for Every Student

Roanoke Times

By Doug Mesecar

November 29, 2015

Charter Schools and the 2016 Virginia General Assembly Session

Richmond Times-Dispatch

By Delegate Jim LeMunyon

November 17, 2015